In 2014, Belinda Gray completed treatment for an out-of-the-blue diagnosis of breast cancer aged 47.  She, with the help of her friend and fellow art lover, Sally Ball organised the first Art For Cure art and outdoor sculpture show at her home and gardens in Suffolk to raise money for breast cancer research. During the early planning of the event, sadly Sally was also diagnosed with breast cancer.

Art for Cure 2014 was an amazing and astonishing success – £200,000 of art and sculpture was sold in 3 days and over £100,000 was raised for the leading breast cancer charity, Breakthrough. Our donation to Breakthrough, (now re-branded Breast Cancer Now) was the largest amount raised by a privately organised event in 2014.

Every year in the UK, 50,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and just under 12,000 die from the disease. The charity ‘Breast Cancer Now’ (renamed following the recent merger of Breakthrough and Breast Cancer Campaign) want to change these statistics and hope that by 2050, no one in the UK diagnosed with breast cancer will die of the disease. Belinda and Sally are back to full fighting force.

In 2013 when Art of Cure was just an idea we had no conception that it would, with your help, raise a breathtaking 6 figure sum in our 2014 maiden exhibition and then materially better that in 2016. 

Art for Cure was originally designed to be a one-off event but we took the bold and exciting step to stage Art for Cure in 2016 at Glemham Hall.  We also incorporated Art for Cure as a Charitable Company at Companies House together with a wholly owned subsidiary, Art for Cure Enterprises Ltd which stages the events and raises funds to distribute to organisations involved in researching a cure for breast cancer, as well as other organisations involved in caring for those affected by breast cancer. In 2016, it was our pledge not only to support Breast Cancer Now but also to support breast cancer sufferers in Suffolk, where our 2016 event was held. 

We are therefore proud to report that in 2016 with your help, at Glemham Hall, we raised a staggering £175,000. Of that have donated £100,000 to Breast Cancer Now and  £74,000  to support Suffolk-based services and projects which are supporting those diagnosed with breast cancer. These include a new wig service, beauty workshops, counselling services and support for nutrition, diet and exercise. 

Finally, we are delighted that Art For Cure 2018 is being held once more in the magnificent house and gardens of Glemham Hall,  5th to 7th May with private view on evening of Friday 4th May .

To diversify in our fundraisong , AFC has organised an Asian charity bike ride, managed by top UK Charity Challenge company -  made up of 45 enthusiastic cyclists to ride from Ho Chi Minh in Southern Vietnam to Angkor Wat in Cambodia - 450kms in 10 days to further boost fundraising for 2018! The adventure begins at Heathrow on Nov 15th - 25th 2018.

Belinda Gray
Chair and Co-Founder - Art for Cure