Thank you to all our supporters


Founder, Belinda Gray

Founder, Belinda Gray

Dear Art For Cure supporters,

Art For Cure stages exciting and successful  art and sculpture exhibitions in the UK; raising money for national breast cancer research and supporting breast cancer services here in East Anglia. We raise a remarkable amount at our exhibitions and with our ever increasing following of art lovers and team dedication we are really making a difference.

Following the first and intended 'one-off' exhibition at my home in Suffolk, which raised an unexpected and extraordinary figure of over £100,000 in a weekend, our amazing event team went on to raise a further £175,000 at Glemham Hall in 2016 and £225,000 in May 2018 with over 100 artists and sculptors participating in another spectacular exhibition in the magnificent Elizabethan Hall and gardens, attracting over 10,000 art lovers .

In June 2017, the Peter Pears gallery in Aldeburgh housed our first 'pop-up' exhibition titled 'She- Aldeburgh' . An exciting collection of work from 25 artists, sculptors and ceramicists, all expressing their interpretation of the female form.

We are now hosting this October 2019 'She-London' for Oct 3rd - 6th, 2019 at Bankside Gallery next to Tate Modern following this June’s stunning one artists- one sculptor exhibition, ‘The English Garden’ from nationally acclaimed painter Jelly Green and best-selling sculptorJeremy Moulsdale at the historic and stunning Somerleyton Hall.

Art For Cure have so far raised and donated through their fundraising in excess of £700,000 .


Henrietta Dubrey - Sea View

Henrietta Dubrey - Sea View




2014 - over £100,00 donated to UK's leading breast cancer charity, Breast Cancer Now  for specific research.

2016 - £100,00 donated to Breast Cancer Now ( Professor Clare Isacke’s research into secondary breast cancer.

2016 - £48,000 donated to Cancer Campaign in Suffolk (CCIS)  for an innovative greatly needed, new wig project.

2016 - £12,000 to fund breast exercise classes for 2 years in Ipswich and Felixstowe area and provide all patients with an exercise DVD .

2016 - £10,000 donated over 2 years to Caring For Me, a community project founded by Corinne Peacock offering breast cancer patients a course of 6 complimentary therapies free of charge.

2016 - £4,000 donated to Senior nutritionist at Ipswich Hospital, Debbie Taylor to produce a nutrition / weight loss booklet and pilot a short course for patients with breast cancer to help them lose weight post treatment. 

2017 - £10,000 donated to East Anglian charity 'littlelifts' (,  providing chemotherapy comfort boxes for women approaching treatmnet with primary breast cancer

2017 - £12,000 to Ipswich Hospital charity to re-instate a part time psychological - sexual counsellor position for 2 years for brerast cancer patients

2017 - funding for  the design of a new  information, easy to use website for the John Le Vay, Cancer Information Centre at Ipswich Hospital

2018 - £100,000 donation to Breast Cancer Now's Professor Chris Lord's gene research project 

2018 - £26,988 donation to charity 'Littlelifts' providing chemotherapy comfort boxes to breast cancer patients going through chemotherapy treatment at Ipswich Hospital and James Paget

2018 - £100,000 donation  to Blossom Appeal ( new breast care centre at Ipswich Hospital ( £75K now and £25k in December 2018)

2018 - £3,000 to John le Vay Centre at Ipswich Hospital for specialist  training of fitness trainers to support those with cancer at local sports venues around Ipswich area

2018 - £100,000 further donation to Professor Chris Lord’s gene research at Breast Cancer Now Research Centre, London

Our donations so far to Breast Cancer Now, the UK’s biggest breast cancer charity, are being used for specific research projects relating to finding a cure for breast cancer, which currently in the UK affects 1 in 8 women. We regularly meet with Professor Clare Isacke and her Molecular Cell Biology Team at the Institute of Cancer Research, which is funded by Breast Cancer Now, to be involved with their current studies . Our latest fundraising is supporting research by Professor Chris Lord at the Breast Cancer research centre in London (see Vital Research link above)


At Breast Cancer Now - Institute of Cancer Research with Adrian Melrose, Professor Isacke, Sally Ball and Belinda Gray

At Breast Cancer Now - Institute of Cancer Research with Adrian Melrose, Professor Isacke, Sally Ball and Belinda Gray


"The money you help raise is making a significant difference to our research".    

Prof Clare Isacke (2016)


Thank you for your support that so generously affords us the fundraising success we have achieved; to all our art visitors and buyers , our amazing volunteers, sponsors and incredible  event team - we very much look forward to continuing with our committed work .

Belinda Gray

Chair and Co-Founder, Art For Cure