Mini Canvas Silent Bid Terms:

By submitting your bid you agree to the following terms:

a) Your bid is binding and cannot be retracted.

b) Should your bid be the highest at the end of the auction at 5PM ON MONDAY 7th MAY 2018 you will receive an email at midday on TUESDAY 8th May 2018

c) You have 24 hours from midday on Tuesday 8th May to pay for your winning canvas by debit or credit card.

d) Art for Cure reserves the right to offer the canvas to the next bid in line if you do not settle your purchase within 24 hours of email receipt. Deadline Midday Wednesday 9th May 2018

e) Should your bid be tied with others - then Art for Cure will send all those with the same bid amount an email at midday on Tuesday 8th May and allow you to submit a revised and final bid. The highest bid will be offered the canvas but this process will be repeated until there is a clear-cut bid winner.

f) At the time of making payment you will be asked to submit your delivery address.

g) Canvases will only be posted or available for collection upon receipt of payment. Winners will be able to choose between postage to their home address or collection from Bredfield House near Woodbridge.