Glemham fountain

We are excited to be involved with the upcoming filming of Flog it! at Glemham Hall on 23rd February. As many of you will know, we have a special connection with Glemham Hall after it staged our second fundraising exhibition in 2016, when we raised a staggering £175,000. 

Anyone can attend Flog it! valuation days with their treasures and speaking to the lovely folk at Glemham Hall, they are expecting a great turn out on the day. We will be there will a very exciting 'celebrity' piece of art being viewed and valued by presenter Paul Martin and his team of experts. More details of exactly what we will be auctioning will follow, but it's fair to say if you are a fan of an international singer/songwriter from Suffolk you're in for a treat!

More details about the filming of Flog it! at Glemham Hall can be found here.