We are extremely grateful to you for your  generous donation to Art For Cure and will ensure that your contribution is used responsibly to help make a difference to fighting this prevelent cancer affecting so many people in the UK at present and supporting those affected by breast cancer here in East Anglia  .

Where does the money go?


Since our first exhibition in 2014 Art For Cure has raised £300,000 through the sales of art and sculpture. When you purchase an artwork or sculpture a proportion (50% for a painting, print or photograph and 30% for a sculpture) will go directly to our charity. Art For Cure contributes to vital national research projects via Breast Cancer Now (the UK's leading breast cancer charity) as well as supporting selected services for those diagnosed with breast cancer, here in East Anglia.

       Where we have donated so far ....

  • £200,000 to specific research projects at Breast Cancer Now's research centre in London
  • £48,000 given to Cancer Campaign in Suffolk for a greatly needed wig service 
  • £12,000 given to fund post surgical exercise classes for breast care patients in Ipswich and Felixstowe
  • £10,000 to 'Caring For Me' a charity providing a course of complimentary therapies in the Woodbridge area to those facing a breast cancer diagnosis
  • £10,000 given to the charity Littlelifts who offer women with primary breast care a comfort box of 25 items to help and support them through their chemotherapy
  • £12,000 to fund a part time psycho-sexual counsellor at Ipswich Hospital for those facing a breast cancer diagnosis
  • £4,000 to pilot a diet and weight loss project  for those having been through a breast cancer treatment , run by a dietician at Ipswich Hospital
  • £2,000 towards the re-design of the website for the John Le Vay cancer centre at Ipswich Hospital, for easier navigation to all available services


What Next ?

Our trustees Belinda Gray, Alex Gray and Adrian Melrose are responsible for the allocation of all funds raised. Projects we commit to are regularly visited and reviewed and new projects assessed, ensuring they are being run efficiently and there is good publicity and feedback by those using that particular service . We work closely with the team at Breast Cancer Now, visiting the research centre and discovering the latest significant projects.

We are very excited to be looking at a new research project run by Professor Chris Lord at Breast Cancer Now; he is driving the development of new, targeted treatment strategies for breast cancer based upon genetic weaknesses. These new targeted treatments would not only improve the quality of life for women with breast cancer , but also ensure thier cancer is treated successfully first time, and never comes back.

With our exhibition at Glemham Hall (May 5th - 7th) and a charity challenge bike ride from Vietnam to Cambodia in November 2018 we hope this year to raise significant money .